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Do you wonder where to find legitimate agario cheats? Take a look at our offer!

If you wish to know how to get coins in agario and unlock any skin you desire, then in this place we will give you all the necessary information regarding our tool, the game itself, and how to combine these two to achieve amazing effects!

Before we do that; however, it’s important for you to know that everything you can see here, at our, was checked multiple times. It means you don’t have to worry about your safety, about effectiveness, about anything, to be honest! Go ahead and see for yourself that coin hack will give you all the things you desire!

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Before we carry on with description of cheats, let’s have a look at the game is one of the most popular mini games and the initiator of many other .io productions. It was created by Matheus Valadares and later on published by Miniclip. It is an interesting arcade game, where we become small cell.

Our goal is to eat other cells (either AI cells or controlled by other people) and grow bigger. Once we are big enough, we can divide on smaller cells and aggressively attack other players. Of course it’s much riskier and can lead to our loss. However, if you want to be the best, this is the way you supposed to play the game!

If you want to check the game, visit at iTunes!

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How agario cheat can help me?

If you take a closer look at the currency in the game, you will notice that greater amounts of coins are very hard to get. You can of course play and earn as you eat other cells, but in the end you won’t have enough for your favourite icon.

Except for that, coins can be used for mass boosts, XP power-ups and some other amazing benefits. That is why you should be looking for our software. It allows you to lay your hands on all these additions!

Why our tool is safer than agario cheat codes?

Since agario party codes need to be applied via the game itself, they are visible for administrators. In case of our software, you receive assurance that nothing bad will happen to you, your account, or your computer!

The whole process of generating coins take place anonymously via highly-advanced and complex scripts that connect directly to the game servers. It is something you are not going to witness anywhere else.

Except for that, we also use proxies to camouflage your activity and change your IP address and location. No one will ever know you used our agario hacks mobile!

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How to enable cheats for agario?

As we said up above, the whole process is very simple and doesn’t require from you anything more than clicking one button. You just choose whether you want to get 50000 coins or any other amount and you enjoy it! It is much easier than using cheat codes and this is something we can promise you!


  1. Is it real? Is it possible? 0.o Oh, fck me – agario cheat names that work would be nice, but… Coin generator? You made my day guys!

  2. Wow guys, I am so glad, that found your site! This agario coin hack is even better, than I’ve expected! GJ for your work!

  3. Lol, I was pretty sure that there are no hacks… Damn, I guess coders in our times can make just whatever they want o.0

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    • I’ve also visited many sites and I would say even more bro – this is just best agario hack – fastest and with lowest cooldown I’ve ever seen :3 It’s my 4th visit at the site for some resources, so you can rely on my opinion xD

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